Alice in Psychland Workshops

Through The Looking-Glass

In this workshop prepare to be transported through the looking glass to the topsey turvey world of Psychland… where North does not mean North anymore and turning left or right just takes you straight down a rabbit hole. In this session prepare to roll your sleeves up, work with a partner and take part in a replication of a real psychology experiment. You will learn more about why humans behave as they do, how your incredible memory works and how your body affects and influences mental processing. In this Alice-themed workshop you will also find out more about how your emotions impact what and how you learn and some strategies for managing stress.

"It would be so nice if something made sense"

Psychexcite invites you to join us at an Alice in Psychland Mad Hatter’s Tea Party for a Levels of Listening workshop. This is a fantasy introduction to active listening skills, which form a key component of any psychologist’s tool kit.  Through the tea party theme, learn how Psychology can teach us about how your communication style with others directly affects your health and well-being. Be transported to Psychland to learn and practice listening skills in a session designed to get the creative juices flowing.  There will be demos, games, and cake!