Welcome to the Brain spa!

As the technology for investigating the mysteries of the “black box” between our ears develops, we are learning more and more about how profoundly important it is to take brain-care seriously. We are also learning much more about what that involves. So the Brain Spa workshop will provide you with an opportunity to explore what it takes to nurture a healthy, vital brain. So learning how to mentally “floss” is all about learning techniques and lifestyle practises to maximise your brain potential.

The Organic Alchemy Brain Spa Treatments

The Organic Alchemy Brain Spa treatment introduces the idea that in order to appreciate why we behave as we do, we need to understand the dynamic interplay between social relationships, how we think (cognition) and our biology – the link if you like between the hardware, the software and the effect on all that of being plugged in to our environments. During the “treatments” you will explore ways that you can be your own healer, how to take care of your body’s chemical factories and how to be fully responsible for your mental and physical health.

This interactive session involves a workshop with different activities for you to try. For each activity, you will be invited to complete tasks that will provide you with a refreshing spritz of your own feel-good chemicals.  You will learn how to be at your chemical best and how to help students manage stress more effectively.

Emotion Emollients & Memory Makeovers

At the Brain Spa you will also have the opportunity to learn more about the role of the brain in our experience of emotion and memory. You will learn about the emotion and memory centres of the brain, and the effect of negative emotion on learning. We will take a closer look at one of our most precious brain areas – the prefrontal cortex – and its role in helping us navigate the complexities of life and nurturing positive social relationships. I will introduce you to how, by developing certain mind-sets, life habits and memory techniques you can feed your brain with what it needs to thrive.

Itinerary for the day 

9.30 Coffee

Welcomes and introductions

10.00 Mental flossing

an introduction to brain care.

10.20 The Organic Alchemy VIP Spa treatment

participate in a range of hands-on “treatments” designed to trigger the release of chemical spritzes to enhance physical and emotional health and well-being. 

1.30 BYO lunch

Time to eat, relax and prepare for a fun afternoon!

2.00 Emotion Emollients

Discuss and learn about techniques to encourage emotional balance and management.

2.30 Memory & Creative Thinking Makeovers

Learn some mind hacks to develop your multiple memories to maximise your creativity, learning and memory potential.

3.30 Farewells and Takeaways

The workshop comes to a close with a farwell and key points to remember and implement. 

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