When it comes to organising your study time, you may feel that you need a confidence boost, or some help with revision strategies.  Perhaps you just need some specific support with timed-writing strategies, or essay structure to boost your grades. Psychexcite can help. A few tutorials with Ray may be just what you need to help you develop your study skills and increase your sense of self-belief and focus.  If you are a GCSE, A level and IBDP Psychology/Theory of Knowledge student who is feeling in need of additional study support, please get in touch. If you would like to discuss your learning needs, contact Ray to arrange a free initial 15 minute Zoom chat.

Ray can help you to develop your ability to gain the best marks possible in your examination answers.

Psychexcite tutorials aim to ignite your enthusiasm and passion for the subject being studied, and to develop the confidence you need to craft appropriate content knowledge to meet the requirements of specific examination questions.

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