If you are enthusiastic about learning and keen to know more about behaviour change/how to improve your memory, then sign up for one of our sessions!

Psychexcite offers a range of workshops for students,  the general public, educational organisations, and corporate teams. 

Learn techniques and lifestyle practices to maximise your brain potential. Workshops are designed to be hands-on, creative, and up-beat. They are sometimes themed and musical! Learn more about what cutting-edge neuroscience and innovative branches of Psychology are teaching us about how you can learn most effectively and how to develop your resilience.

As the technology for investigating the mysteries of the “black box” between our ears develops, we are learning more and more about how profoundly important it is to take brain-care seriously. We are also learning much more about what that involves. 

So the Psychexcite workshops provide you with an opportunity to explore what it takes to nurture a healthy, vital brain. So sign up to learn how to “mentally floss”.

Psychexcite also offers bespoke/tailored workshops on a wide range of topics related to how science helps us to understand why humans behave as they do. 


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