Pyschexcite can help!

Just for a moment imagine opening that exam paper and being on fire with that knowledge! Visualise yourself writing accurate, insightful examination answers, well within the time-frame. This is achievable. 

In your sessions with Ray you will learn techniques that, through practice and application, help you to get those improved grades. Psychexcite offers one-to-one and small group tutoring for A level, GCSE, IBD Psychology examinations.

Ray can coach you on memory retention/retrieval and critical thinking/examination skills. She can help you to develop your ability to gain the best marks possible in your examination answers.

Tutorials are tailored to the specific needs and interests of students and the emphasis is on confidence building through skills training. For more information about how Ray can help please contact her for a free 15 minute Zoom chat.

Psychexcite tutorials aim to ignite your enthusiasm and passion for the subject being studied, and to develop the confidence you need to craft appropriate content knowledge to meet the requirements of specific examination questions.

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