Making psychology and neuroscience fun!

pyschexcite workshops and shows:

  • provide lively, fun sessions based on contemporary scientific research
  • are designed to encourage and excite KS1-5 students to engage with STEM subjects.

Accessible, science based learning

a creative approach to learning:

  • our shows and workshops are ideal for assemblies, or as complimentary sessions to Psychology, Humanities and PSHE curriculum delivery
  • we provide opportunities for people to reconnect with their creativity, develop memory skills, develop their health, well-being, communication skills and resilience

Brain Spa

suitable for all ages

The Brain Spa workshop will provide you with an opportunity to explore what it takes to nurture a healthy, vital brain. 

Decoding the Teenage Brain

suitable for ages 14+

The aim of this two-hour workshop is to provide an overview of what Psychology and Neuroscience are teaching us about the unique life stage that is adolescence.

Brain & Body

suitable for ages 18+

This half day workshop is designed for those of you who are exercise beginners or fitness enthusiasts, who would like to learn more about what Psychology and neuroscience are teaching us about how exercise can contribute to mental and emotional health and well-being.

Emotional Management

suitable for ages 14+

In this 2 hour workshop we will investigate what is meant by basic and higher emotions, and the role of genetic inheritance and social conditioning in their development.

Through the Looking Glass

suitable for all ages

How does our memory work? How does the body influence how we think? How can we regulate our emotions to help us learn a new skill well?

"It would be so nice if something made sense"

suitable for all ages

Psychexcite invites you to join us at an Alice in Psychland Mad Hatter’s Tea Party for a Levels of Listening workshop.

Curioser & Curioser

suitable for all ages

During this show, take part in some thinking games, ponder the pros and cons of eating neuro-enhancing cake,  and try out an activity called a “remote associates test” that psychologists use when scanning people, to explore where insight and creativity are created in the brain.

Eat me! Drink me!

suitable for all ages

With your help, during this show we will demonstrate how we might all have the potential to hear colors, feel sounds and taste shapes, which is what happens for people with synaesthesia.

'Who in the world am I?" "Ah, that's the great puzzle!" 

suitable for all ages

This interactive Stress Panto will explore what Positive Psychology can tell us about what stress is, how it manifests in our bodies and how we can use it to help us.

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